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Big data insights for fundamental investors

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Our Companies and Clients

We can help you build
your idea and more

  • Market Analysis

    Given our background in building and scaling companies from the idea stage, market analysis is built into our DNA. In fact, we take on client work only where we see growth potential and scalability. Given our background, we are happy to provide you with our market analysis insights on your idea.

  • Product Strategy

    As serial entrepreneurs we have pivoted many ideas multiple times. We know how to test ideas, become an expert and monopolize a small market and then scale to a much larger market. Product strategy and execution are very tightly coupled and we can help you with both.

  • UX and Design

    UX and Design are core to our product creation process. Our designers are located in our New York Studio and use continuous feedback from clients and users to iterate till they can break down the interface into the simplest, most intuitive option.

  • Development

    We follow an iterative development process with rapid prototyping coupled with production quality scalability right from the very start. Our developers understand the why and the how and question requirements or features that don’t make sense.

We are skilled in most modern technologies. We open source plugins and components at
our public github account and we create tutorials to contribute to the community.
These are some of our preferred tools:

Join our team

We are always looking for smart and motivated people who have techical skills like Graphic Design,
Programming or Business development skills like Sales and Marketing.